Suffolk Ladies' County Golf Association

(Affiliated to The Ladies' Golf Union and England Golf)

President: Ms Hermione Scope

Captain: Ms Vanessa Bell

Suffolk's aims have always been to promote the game within its borders, with particular reference to the female half of the population of all ages and at all standards of play.

Because talent is so varied and the handicapping system happily admits the possibility for people of varying levels of expertise to take each other on in keen competition, enjoyment is the key and the spirit in which Suffolk players walk the fairways, their adherence to the rules of the game and their consideration for others on and off the golf course has always been important. This does not mean that excellence is undervalued, but reaching individual potential whatever that may be is perhaps even more highly prized.

With that thought in mind, this website is dedicated to the whole membership and it is hoped that everyone who belongs to the Suffolk Ladies County Golf Association, from the very youngest to the most elderly still cheerfully wielding a golf club, will feel a sense of ownership and help it to become a source of interest for us all by providing news, views and pictures via the contact link.   


Constitution and Rules (effective 2013)

Click here to download the current SLCGA Rules