Cranworth Trophy

2016 Halesworth


A team shall consist of a squad of 8 players from each Club - each player having a handicap within the range of 21-30 inclusive.
This is a morning foursomes competition (played off 1/2 the difference of combined handicaps) followed by an afternoon singles competition (played off full handicap).
All 9 games (3 in the morning foursomes and 6 in the afternoon singles) are decided over 18 holes - the team gaining more than half the available 9 points will be the winner.

The venues for all the Rounds will be played on neutral courses.


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Lady Cranworth presented her trophy to the County Association in 1936.  Initially, it is believed, it was played for by Silver Division players but at some point after the Second World War, there developed a keenly contested inter-club knockout competition amongst Bronze Division golfers that became the Cranworth Trophy as we still know in in 2013.

Who thought up the unusual scoring method in force for many years, it is hard to say, or perhaps no one will own up to it!  With five points at stake for every match, whether singles or foursomes (one point for winning each nine holes and three for the overall match), it was certainly innovative and might perhaps have been more understandable had it been applied to the more accomplished golfers of the county.  However, though the Cranworth matches were marathon occasions, with the scoring system necessarily taking most matches round the full thirty-six holes, most of the protagonists loved it and indeed, in some cases, were positively passionate about it.

There was a short period in the mid-eighties when the competition reverted to 'normal' match play, but the two year trial ended with the clubs opting to return to the old system.  After a further twenty-five years or so, during which the organisers struggled to contain the matches within a comfortable timeframe, reason has once more prevailed and the Cranworth Trophy is now played for in recognisable foursomes and singles, to the great relief of many.  Each round of the Trophy still constitutes a long day on the golf course, offering the players plenty of scope for fulfillment.

The desire to play the competition all the way through on neutral courses has also come and gone once or twice through the decades and is currently in force again.

There is generally more discussion about the Cranworth Trophy than all the other inter-club competitions, probably put together and regardless of the standard of golf at which they are played.  Plainly, it continues to keep grass roots interest in the County golfing activities alive and well.  That can only be good.

Julie Latimer-Jones



1936      Woodbridge
1937      Aldeburgh

1938      Woodbridge
1939      Woodbridge

1948      Woodbridge
1949      Royal Worlington
1950      Gorleston

1951      Woodbridge
1952      Woodbridge

1953      Royal Worlington
1954      Woodbridge

1955      Bury St Edmunds
1956      Aldeburgh

1957      Ipswich
1958      Royal Worlington

1959      Royal Worlington
1960      Ipswich

1961      Ipswich
1962      Gorleston

1963      Royal Worlington
1964      Ipswich

1965      Royal Worlington
1966      Felixstowe

1967      Royal Worlington
1968      Ipswich

1969      Aldeburgh
1970      Aldeburgh

1971      Aldeburgh
1972      Flempton

1973      Ipswich
1974      Woodbridge

1976      Bury St Edmunds

1977      Rookery Park
1978      Woodbridge

1979      Flempton
1980      Ipswich

1981      Aldeburgh
1982      Stowmarket

1983      Stowmarket
1984      Gorleston

1985      Gorleston
1986      Gorleston

1987      Stowmarket

1989      Bury St Edmunds
1990      Aldeburgh

1991      Stowmarket
1992      Thorpeness

1993      Thorpeness
1994      Bury St Edmunds

1995      Ipswich
1996      Stoke by Nayland

1997      Stoke by Nayland
1998      Stoke by Nayland

1999      Waldringfield
2000      Bury St Edmunds

2001      Woodbridge
2002      Woodbridge

2003      Ipswich
2004      Fynn Valley

2005      Woodbridge
2006      Stowmarket

2007      Stoke by Nayland
2008      Newton Green

2009      Felixstowe
2010      Felixstowe

2011      Bury St Edmunds
2012      Halesworth
2013      Newton Green
2014      Felixstowe

2015      Fynn Valley

2016      Halesworth