We are all used to receiving coaching from time to time but how would you feel about turning things around and approaching it from the other end?

This bit of news came to us from Jo-Jo Hamer-Philip whom many of you will remember.   She is now working as the Event Administrator for the PGAs of Europe.   She wrote to tell us that the Women’s Professional Golf Association has announced an initiative to encourage more females to become involved in the coaching side of golf as volunteers.

Amongst many others, three female-only courses for Level 1 coaching will be run by female instructors and the interested ladies must be at least sixteen years of age. The courses are not normally free but the fee of £240 is being waived in this instance for female candidates.  Applicable dates are 9-10 April at Formby Hall Golf Club, near Southport, Lancashire, 16-17 April at Wycombe Heights Golf Club, Buckinghamshire and 7-8 May at the Bristol Golf Centre.

If you fancy a shot at inspiring the next generation of women and girl golfers and perhaps furthering your own future in the game and would like more information, please write to info@suffolkladiesgolf.org.uk and we’ll be pleased to oblige. Alternatively, for some background on what is involved, you could talk to either Sarah Howe, our junior organiser, or Lils James, our first team player and past County Captain, both of whom completed this course a few years ago.  Lils told us that she enjoyed every minute of the course and acquired some valuable knowledge about the golf swing in order to help others, but which has also been useful in her own game.