Past Presidents & Captains

  President Captain
2024 Vicki Hunt Mrs Tanya McGregor
2023 Mrs Lils James Mrs Tanya McGregor
2022 Mrs Lils James Mrs Amanda Norman
2021 Mrs Joanne Woodward Mrs Amanda Norman
2020 Mrs Joanne Woodward Mrs Amanda Norman
2019 Mrs Maureen Pearson Miss Vicki Inglis
2018 Mrs Maureen Pearson Ms Vanessa Bell
2017 Miss Hermione Scrope Ms Vanessa Bell
2016 Miss Hermione Scrope Mrs Sarah Saggers
2015  Ms Ann Graves Mrs Sarah Saggers
2014  Ms Ann Graves Mrs Laura Lowe
2013 Mrs Pippa Beak Mrs Laura Lowe
2012 Mrs Pippa Beak Mrs Sheila Jarvis
2011 Mrs Judy Hamshere Mrs Sheila Jarvis
2010 Mrs Judy Hamshere Mrs Mary Wilderspin
2009 Mrs Sue Cook Mrs Mary Wilderspin
2008 Mrs Sue Cook Mrs Lils James
2007 Mrs Kate Platten Mrs Lils James
2006 Mrs Kate Platten Mrs Sue Birrell
2005 Mrs Sheila Laws Mrs Sue Birrell
2004 Mrs Sheila Laws Mrs Liz Laflin
2003 Mrs Julie Latimer-Jones Miss Liz Steadman
2002 Mrs Julie Latimer-Jones Mrs Widge Sinclair
2001 Mrs Molly Gillingwater Mrs Widge Sinclair
2000 Mrs Molly Gillingwater Mrs Judy Hamshere
1999 Miss A. Seward Mrs Judy Hamshere
1998 Miss A. Seward Mrs Liz Boatman
1997 Miss A. Seward Mrs Liz Boatman
1996 Mrs M. Ivor Jones Mrs Lindy Ockenden
1995 Mrs M. Ivor Jones Mrs Julie Hall
1994  Mrs I. Clayden Mrs Julie Hall
1993  Mrs I. Clayden Mrs Sue Cook
1992 Mrs J. Moore Mrs Sue Cook
1991 Mrs J. Moore Mrs Sheila Laws
1990  Mrs B. Robinson Mrs Sheila Laws
1989  Mrs B. Robinson Mrs Kate Platten
1988  Mrs Taylor Mrs Kate Platten
1987  Mrs Taylor Mrs S. Aldred
1986  Mrs Taylor Mrs S. Aldred
1985  Mrs Stearn Mrs Julie Latimer-Jones
1984  Mrs Stearn Mrs Julie Latimer-Jones
1983 Mrs Short Mrs Cullen
1982 Mrs Short Mrs Cullen
1981 Miss Moss Blundell Mrs Batt
1980 Miss Moss Blundell Mrs Batt
1979  Mrs Weston Mrs Barnard
1978  Mrs Weston Mrs Barnard
1977  Mrs Urpeth Mrs Ivor Jones
1976  Mrs Urpeth Mrs Ivor Jones
1975  Mrs Urpeth Mrs Clayden
1974  Mrs O’Meara Mrs Clayden
1973  Mrs O’Meara Miss Moss Blundell
1972  Mrs O’Meara Miss Moss Blundell
1971 Mrs Eddis Mrs G. Wilkins
1970 Mrs Eddis Mrs G. Wilkins
1969 Mrs Eddis Mrs P. Taylor
1968  Mrs Causton Mrs P. Taylor
1967  Mrs Causton Mrs L. Short
1966  Mrs Causton Mrs de Zoete
1965  Mrs Denness Mrs de Zoete
1964  Mrs Denness Mrs M. Openshaw
1963  Mrs Denness Mrs M. Openshaw
1962 Lady Eddis Mrs P. Hollingsworth
1961 Lady Eddis Mrs A. Smith
1960 Lady Eddis Mrs Moss
1959 Lady Eddis Miss F. Cuninghame
1958 Lady Eddis Miss F. Cuninghame
1957 Lady Eddis Mrs Eddis
1956 Lady Eddis Mrs Le Blond
1955 Lady Eddis Mrs Eddis
1954 Lady Belstead Mrs Gaskell
1953 Lady Belstead Mrs Gaskell
1952 Lady Belstead Mrs Gaskell
1951 Lady Belstead Mrs Gaskell
1950 Lady Belstead Mrs Canston
1949 Lady Belstead Mrs Canston
1948 Lady Belstead Mrs Carruthers/Mrs Canston
1947 Lady Belstead Lady Eddis
1938 Lady Cranworth Mrs Crosbie
1937 Lady Cranworth Mrs Bell
1936 Lady Cranworth Mrs Hodgkinson
1935 Lady Cranworth Lady Eddis
1934 Lady Cranworth Miss Woodgate
1933 Lady Cranworth Mrs Hickling
1932 Lady Cranworth Miss Sopper
1931 Lady Cranworth Miss C.M. Griffiths
1930 Lady Cranworth Mrs Ronald Garrett
1929 Lady Cranworth Mrs Sutcliffe
1928 Lady Cranworth Miss Faraday
1927 Lady Cranworth Mrs Long
1926 Lady Cranworth Miss Joy Winn

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