The storm clouds that interrupted yesterday’s play have moved on and Suffolk’s team of Juliette Coffey, Lils James, Sophie Kubitzek, Sharon Luckman, Amanda Norman, Georgia Parker and Joanne Woodward lined up to take on Bedfordshire in the morning.

Leading her team out with the first game of singles was Captain Amanda Norman and she was victorious against Bedfordshire’s Luca Thompson.  Georgia Parker was up next against Jessica Sporie but, despite a spirited fight sadly lost her game by 1 hole.  The final game in the singles was Sharon Luckman and she also lost to Ixie Axpan.  

Lils James and Juliette Coffey paired up to take on Sue Caley and Stephanie Scott  and lost 2/1.  Finally, Joanne Woodward and Sophie Kubitzek finished the morning session playing Georgia Steroscik and Annabel Pitts and sadly lost 2/1.

Overall, a disappointing morning for the team but all to play for in the afternoon session against Norfolk

Leading the team out against Norfolk was Alice Barlow .  She was joined by Abbie Symonds, Vanessa Bell together with the pairings of Lils James & Juliette Coffey and Amanda Norman & Sophie Kubitzek, and they didn’t disappoint!

Alice was 2 down through 12 and dug deep to win by 1 hole.  Abbie Symonds came through to win over her opponent, and Vanessa Bell completed the hat-trick of singles wins. 

Unfortunately wins were not on the menu for the pairings of Lils James/Juliette Coffey and Amanda Norman/ Sophie Kubitzek but much to be proud of for the two younger players – so much promise for the future.

The final day tomorrow sees Suffolk playing Cambs & Hunts in the morning – 1st tee 8.15 am.

Carol Deslandes

Detailed results of Suffolk v Bedfordshire:

Amanda Norman bt Ashley Croft 2/1; Georgia Parker lost to Jessica Sporie by 1 hole; Sharon Luckman lost to Ixie Akpan 4/2.

Lils James and Juliette Coffey lost to Sue Caley and Stephanie Scott 2/1; Sophie Kubitzek and Joanne Woodward lost to Georgia Staroscik and Annabel Pitts 2/1.

Final Result:  Suffolk 1: Bedfordshire 4.

Detailed results of Suffolk v Norfolk:

Alice Barlow bt Harriet Allsebrook by 1 hole; Abbie Symonds bt Tracey Williamson 2/1; Vanessa Bell bt Eve Neild by 1 hole.

Lils James and Juliette Coffey lost to Nellie Ong and Chloe Tabbard 6/5; Sophie Kubitzek and Amanda Norman lost to Imogen Leeder and Tiiffany Mills by 2 holes.

Final Result:  Suffolk 3: Norfolk 2.


Other matches:
Beds lost to Cambs & Hunts 2/3.
Essex bt Herts 3/2.
Herts bt Cambs & Hunts 3/2.
Norfolk bt Beds 3/2 and lost to Cambs & Hunts 2/3.
Beds bt Herts 3/2.
Norfolk bt Essex 3/2.