County’s Week took place at The Cambridge Hotel Bar Hill. The arrangements and welcome from Cambridgeshire and Hunts was warm and this being my first time as Captain I felt well looked after and the information package was great.

The girls first game was against Bedfordshire and they managed four wins one loss and a bye.

There were tougher matches to come and throughout the three days all the girls played well but did find the greens and putting a bit of a struggle. In total we won nine games halving one. I feel a special mention should be made of Natasha Gregory who won four of her five matches Well Done Natasha.

The new members of the team were supported by Juliette our team captain and she provided a lovely goody bag for each team member.

It was an enjoyable experience and I congratulate Juliette, Sophie,Jasmine, Melissa, Natasha, Rebekah and Talia (her first County Week) on their golf. Also on the way they conducted themselves leading to many positive remarks from other Captains regarding how their players had commented how friendly the matches had been with them.
I am looking forward to next year.

Sue Hayward
Junior Organiser