Karen Korzack, who often sends us delightful photographs when we need them, could have been the subject herself last month. She couldn’t take the picture though, because she was busy playing a 9-hole Stableford and, even more excitingly, holing out in one at a Fynn Valley’s short sixth hole.  This was particularly special because Karen has suffered major strokes and lost much mobility.   But, with great determination, she has fought back and is now happily playing golf again. This morning (5th December), I met her as she came off the course on a beautiful, but frosty morning.  She said it was so frosty, she and her friends had to keep stopping to scrape the ice off their shoes.   What a great example  to all of us on the subject of never giving up!  Thanks to Chris Lynch-Bates for spilling the beans.

Julie Latimer-Jones.