The main change is the way “shots given” are calculated.  

Your Course handicap is now calculated to two decimal points and this figure needs to be used for calculating 95% for medals and stablefords. For example, at Woodbridge GC, a player with a Handicap Index in band 20.4 to 21.1, playing off the silver tees gives a rounded up/down full Course Handicap of 25. But, if calculating a competition Playing Handicap of 95%, you need to calculate this before any rounding:



Unrounded CH

PH of 95%

Rounded PH

Example 1





Example 2






This will affect the Divisional meetings as playing handicaps will be a percentage of the exact Course handicap.


In 4BBB, you should determine your Course Handicap for the course you are playing from the boards at the club then calculate the exact difference from the player with the lowest handicap. You then take 90% of this figure as your shots. This value is the only one which is rounded up or down. This will affect the Jubilee Shield only. All other match play formats remain unchanged.


4BBB match-play does not count for handicap purposes.


Please ensure you have updated your apps, including the EG app, as only the latest editions include the new handicap calculations.