Sarah Saggers, our immediate Past Captain, has turned her attention back to playing golf as she promised she would and last Saturday (28th January) became quite a red letter day when she made a hole in one at Aldeburgh’s short fourth, the one with the sleepered bunker round the bottom two thirds of the green.

Aldeburgh is Sarah’s second club and their team took on the ladies from Cambridge University during their annual practice match prior to the Varsity match against Oxford in March.   By her own admission, Sarah wasn’t playing well, but she hit a tidy seven-iron to the flag.  The hole can’t be seen from the tee, especially if you are no taller than petite Sarah, but she saw it bounce once on the green before it disappeared from view.  ‘I think it’s in the hole’, she told her opponent and, sure enough, there it was!  An exciting moment.  Aldeburgh beat their visitors by four matches to one.

Oxford’s ladies will play their practice match at Aldeburgh on Saturday, 18th February.