General Conditions for Individual & Foursomes Competitions

(For all Individual and Foursomes Competitions)

  1. Entries must be accompanied by the relevant payment and will only be accepted outside the closing date at the sole discretion of the Organiser. 
  2. If, after entering a competition, the playing handicap of a competitor is reduced below the minimum handicap permitted for that competition, the competitor may still play in that competition. However, she will be eligible to win handicap prizes only and not scratch (gross) prizes. 
  3. If, after entering a competition, the playing handicap of a competitor is increased above the maximum handicap permitted for that competition, the competitor may still play in that competition. However, she must do so using the maximum handicap permitted for that competition.
  4. It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure that her correct handicap is recorded on her score card before it is signed and returned to the organiser as soon as possible after completion of the round.
  5. Starting times for all events will be posted on club notice boards and on the SLCGA website.
  6. Current up to date Congu Handicap Certificates, Handicap Register Forms, faxed proof of Handicap, or a CDH Identification Number must be produced before completion of play (handicaps will be followed by a ‘c’ to identify that a player has a competition handicap). Failure to do so will render the member ineligible for a prize. 
  7. A player arriving late on the tee may be penalised under Rule of Golf 6-3.  
  8. A player may be penalised for slow play under Rule of Golf 6-7.
  9. Competitions (with the exception of the County Championships) are open to all female amateur golfers – who either have a Home Club within Suffolk or who are an Associated member of the SLCGA – with a competition handicap. Entrants to the County Championship must be Full Members of the SLCGA.  Ladies entering the Division meetings must represent their Home Club when competing for the Division Shield.
  10. ‘Motorised golf buggies may be allowed on medical grounds if the host club agrees. Permission must be sought from the Governing Body (via the Hon. Secretary) at least 14 days prior to a competition (48 hours for acute / accidental injuries).  In considering such requests the GB will use the England Golf Transportation Policy as a reference guide to aid the decision making process.  A buggy submission form should be renewed on an annual basis for 3 years, thereafter being subject to a 5 yearly review.  Any such request should come direct from the individual concerned, not via the Lady Captain.
  11. Distance Measuring Devices may be used in all County Competitions, including County Match Week. They may be used to measure distance only; all other functions i.e. wind speed etc. must be disabled. 
  12. Caddies are not permitted in any Divisional Meetings, Coronation and Centenary Foursomes or Junior Competitions. Caddies are permitted in all other individual Competitions.  For Women’s competitions where girls under 18 are likely to play, all competitors will be treated the same (in terms of who’s allowed a caddy). Therefore, Under 18’s would be allowed a caddy just like the Adult Women in that particular competition. Please note: Under 14’s must have a Caddy or be accompanied by an adult.  Professional golfers are not permitted to caddy in any County Competition. Able bodied caddies are not allowed to ride in a buggy with the player, but must walk and carry, or use a trolley, for the players clubs. Caddies with a disability may ride in the buggy. It would be greatly appreciated if caddies do not go on the greens. 
  13. All venues are by courtesy of the host Club. The dress rules of the Club must be respected.
  14. Cancellations: 5 days notice must be given before a refund will be considered.
  15. It is the intention of the SLCGA that all ladies, following the above conditions, who apply for the County events will be accommodated. In the case of over-subscription for Divisional and Foursomes Meetings there will be a ballot for 3 entries from each Club followed by a further ballot for additional places. In the case of over-subscription for the Main and Seniors Championship, the ballot will be based on handicap.
  16. Prizes may vary according to the number of competitors.
  17. A player may not win two prizes for best Gross and Nett scores in competitions.


In the case of withdrawal, please contact the relevant Competition Organiser (Name and Telephone Number to be found at the bottom of each Entry Form)

Please remember to redeem any Prize Voucher within three months of the issue date at any Golf Shop

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