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Interested in representing the Suffolk Ladies Seniors?

If you are aged 50 or over, have a handicap index of 14.0 or below and are interested in representing the County at Senior level please contact Vicki Hunt, the Suffolk Ladies Seniors Organiser, by email:

Currently the Seniors team plays Norfolk, Norfolk Vets, Bedfordshire, Cambs & Hunts, Suffolk Vets and Suffolk Juniors.  Other matches may be arranged.   At the moment we are trying to set up a league with Norfolk, Bedfordshire and Cambs & Hunts, more on this in due course.

Please apply by 25th February 2022

Suffolk Seniors form-2022

Suffolk Senior Ladies ‘Get-together’ – Thursday 17 March 2022

At last we have been able to meet!  Organised for March 2020 – cancelled!  Organised for March 2021 – cancelled!  Organised for March 2022 – 3rd time lucky!!

36 ladies met at Ipswich Golf Club for a pre-season get-together and social golf.  It was great to see everyone altogether at last and to introduce new senior ladies to the rest of the group.  The place was abuzz with lively chatter and, after sandwiches and coffee were devoured, we headed off out on the course.

We played a 4BBB format with 2 out the 4 scores to count on each hole.  Well done to the team of Jude Hanner, Ali Martin, Jura Davies and Liz Bezance who came in with a whopping 86 points, 9 ahead of the team of Rita Fossey, Mariette Robbertse, Suvanne Harding and Sharon Davey who had 77 points.  They came in second on countback from Fiona Ferrie, Vanessa Adams, Tisha Mortlock and Gillian Smith.

We all had great fun on a beautiful spring day.   Many thanks must go to all at Ipswich Golf Club for allowing us to host this event there.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the course which, even though it had been ‘Course Renovation Week’ was in great condition with fast greens!  The sandwiches and cake were delicious!  A thoroughly enjoyable day all round.

The season ahead:
Some of you may know already that we have formed an East Region Senior Women’s League.  At the moment this comprises of Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Hertfordshire.  We are hoping that Bedfordshire and Cambs & Hunts will join in the future.  As this is the first year we are trialling the format:  6 singles off scratch and also the scoring of straight matchplay and Hambro and we will see what works best at the end of the season.

So we will have 3 league matches and we will also be playing friendly matches against Bedfordshire and Cambs & Hunts as well as the Suffolk Junior Girls and the Norfolk Vets.  In addition we are in the process of organising a match with the Suffolk Senior men in October.

The match dates are:
Wed 1 June (12:00):  v Suffolk Junior Girls @ Ipswich
Mon 20 June (1pm):  v Hertfordshire @ Bury St Edmunds
Thu 14 July (11am):  v Cambs & Hunts @ Brampton Park
Tue 30 Aug (time tbc):  v Essex @ Wanstead
Wed 7 Sep (11am): v Norfolk Vets @ Dunston Hall
Thu 15 September (time tbc):  v Bedfordshire @ Mount Pleasant
Mon 10 October:  v Norfolk @ Ipswich
October – date tbc:  Match v Suffolk Senior Men

Sandlings Properties has kindly agreed to sponsor us for 2 years. This is another new venture, so a very big thank you to them.

Don’t forget to enter the County and East Region competitions – follow the links to the entry forms!

Suffolk Seniors v Hertfordshire Seniors

At East Herts Golf Club on 11th October 2021


This is a new fixture and one that we are hoping to continue.  Although most of us had a longish journey it was very much worth it.  The welcome was warm and friendly and the course was a good challenge.  It was playing long but the greens were rolling beautifully.  The matches were close, competitive but friendly; the first match went to the final putt on the final green and the last group had a well fought half!  A good day was had by all.  Thanks to East Herts for hosting us and to Aly Nezda, Herts Seniors Captain, for organising the day.



Results (Suffolk Seniors first):

Vicki Hunt & Jude Hanner v Karen Ellam & Sue Borella
Suffolk win 1up

Lynne Barrett & Jane Darling v Elaine Meagher & Marianne Montgomery
Suffolk win 5/3

Liz Bezance & Sharon Davey v Linda Reeve & Jane Bellis
Herts win 4/3

Lynne Wright & Barbara Dennis v Julie Nedza & Janet Biscoe
All Square

Suffolk win 21/2  /  11/2

Suffolk Ladies Seniors v Norfolk Ladies Seniors
At Great Yarmouth & Caister GC on 4th October 2021


What a day!  Clear skies for the most past but a truly bracing wind making the golf very challenging.  None of the team had played the course before and negotiating the links style holes was a difficulty that not many of us mastered, as the results showed, even though we felt we had mostly played well.    Well done Tessa Summers who, fresh from Scotland, played magnificently!  As always, though, we had a very enjoyable and friendly match.  Hopefully we will be able to get our revenge next year!

Thank you to Great Yarmouth & Caister for hosting us and to Nicki Wylie, Norfolk Seniors Captain, for organising it all.


Results  (Suffolk Seniors names first):

Vicki Hunt v Tracey Williamson
Norfolk win 5/4

Deborah Pottinger v Sue Henderson
Norfolk win 5/4

Lynne Barrett v Sharon Black
Norfolk win 7/5

Jude Hanner v Jules Hutchinson
Norfolk win 3/2

Nicki McMahon v Nicki Wylie
Norfolk win 6/5

Tessa Summers v Jules Carpenter
Suffolk win 6/4

Fiona Ferrie v Sally Benton
Norfolk win 6/5

Norfolk win 6/1

Vicki Hunt

Suffolk Ladies Seniors  v  Suffolk Vets at Rushmere

Friday 1 October 2021

Well we arrived at Rushmere in torrential rain and sat drinking coffee whilst it poured down, watching the 9th green develop more and more puddles.  Weather Apps were consulted and the radar showed there was a chance that the rain would stop before not too long so we agreed we would wait and see.  It was the right decision as the certainly did stop and we were able to set out not too long after our original start time.

As always the match with the Vets is keenly contested in a very friendly atmosphere.  The course had held up from the rain and many thanks to the green staff who squeegeed the greens for us and they proved to be fast and true.  Unfortunately we came a gallant second but the matches were close, coming down to a long putt holed here and there to win a hole.  Well done to the team, some of whom had to give quite a few shots to an ‘in form’ Vets team.  This is always a fun fixture and today did not disappoint.

Thank you to Rushmere for hosting us admirably – a great day!


Irma Suttle & Viv Kemp vs Fiona Ferrie & Wendy Flack (seniors)

Suffolk seniors win 3/2

Lynne Barrett & Yvonne Hollis (Seniors) vs Jill Innes & Anne Archer 

Suffolk Vets win 2/1

Denise Martin & Jenny Buckle vs Kristina Matthews & Clare Charlwood (Seniors)

Suffolk Vets win 2/1

Liz Jeary  &  Pat Kennedy vs Mary Pendle & Nicki McMahon (Seniors)

Suffolk Vets win 4/3

Suffolk Vets win 3 / 1

Vicki Hunt


Suffolk Ladies Seniors v Norfolk Vets – Thursday 30 September at Diss

We had a worrying run-up to this match which had already been postponed from May (I wonder why!!!).  For a time it was touch and go as to whether the match would go ahead as some people were having difficulty sourcing petrol due to the shortage.  Well done to all those who queued up for supplies on both teams so that the match could go ahead!
It was a blustery, showery day making conditions tricky; the wind often blowing across the fairway which didn’t help when trying to hit tricky greens.  There were some close matches, 2 going to the 18th, and excellent golf on both sides.  Long putts and chips were holed, unfortunately for us from the Norfolk team!
Thanks must go to Diss for being excellent hosts, the course played well and the greens were running smoothly.  Our food afterwards was plentiful and tasty.


Result (Suffolk names first)
Rachael Goldsmith & Denise Martin  v  Sue Saunders & Ann Fletcher
Norfolk Vets win 2/1

Jude Hanner & Liz Bezance  v  Tracy Russell & Mary Wilson
Suffolk win 1 up

Jane Darling & Tisha Mortlock  v  Jean Johnson & Eppie Zandvort
Norfolk Vets win 2 up

Pauline Hawes & Sharon Davey  v  Ann Whittington & Heather Keeble
Suffolk win 2/1

Debbie Anthistle & Barbara Dennis  v  Ali Rix & Chrissie Owens
Norfolk Vets win 5/4

Norfolk Vets win 3 / 2

Suffolk Senior Ladies v Bedfordshire Senior Ladies

16 September ’21 at Flempton Golf Club
At last we have played our first match of 2021 and since 2019, our match with the Suffolk Junior Girls being cancelled due to COVID and our match with Cambs & Hunts postponed until mid October.
Excellent weather was organised for our match against the Bedfordshire Seniors and we played in glorious sunshine!  The course at Flempton was in excellent condition and we were all given a warm welcome by the club.  All the matches were close; we played 4BBB off handicap and 3 matches went to the 18th and the other was only won on the 17th!  A friendly, competitive atmosphere prevailed and all had great games.  The match was followed by an excellent meal and all agreed that Flempton was definitely a club to be revisited.

Result (Suffolk names first):
Vicki Hunt & Nicki McMahon v Helen Taylor & Chin Fern Griffiths
Suffolk win 2/1

Lotti Edmunds & Jo Moore v Jo Richardson & Anne Cattanach
All Square

Sharon Davey & Wendy Flack v Hilary Pearman & Kate Price
Suffolk win 1 up

Pauline Hawes & Kristina Matthews v Nicki Croft & Nicki Reynolds
Bedforshire win 1 up

Suffolk win 21/2 / 11/2

2020 Date for your diary!
Thu 30 September v Norfolk Ladies Vets @ Diss (11:00am)
Fri 1 October v Suffolk Ladies Vets @ Rushmere (10:32am)
Mon 4 October v Norfolk Seniors @ Gt Yarmouth & Caister (time tbc)
Mon 11 October v Hertfordshire Seniors @ East Herts (1:00pm)
Thu 14 October v Cambs & Hunts @ Stowmarket (11:00am)

Lead – Vicki Hunt

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