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Q. Lady playing in a club friendly non-qualifying away day had an excellent round of golf 7 shots below her handicap. Her fellow players demanded she show the card to her handicap secretary, who then added it to their computer system. The afore mentioned lady complained that she couldn’t normally play to her previous handicap and certainly not the new one.
A. On questioning it transpired that she had not put in to do a supplementary card and therefore the card was inadmissible. On checking with England Golf, that score was removed from her computer record. However, the handicap secretary could keep the card as a record for when she has a handicap review.

Q. The juniors at Purdis play their 9-hole course until they are proficient enough to play the main course. I was asked if their scores should be recorded for all of their rounds.
A. They only need recording if they have entered to do a supplementary before play or if indeed, they are playing a qualifying competition.

Q. A junior from my club had been returning some very good scores and has dropped 10 shots to date. The club secretary had contacted England Golf as to why she hadn’t had an exceptional score rating. England golf passed this to me.
A. As it was my home club, I spoke directly to the secretary saying I thought IG sorted these automatically (which it should). He said he would contact IG about it. In the meantime, England Golf contacted me to say there was a problem with IG and they had 6 other similar enquiries. They too were going to contact IG. To date nothing has happened, so we may have to deal with it at our handicap reviews

Annette Llewellyn
Handicap Advisor

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