Happy New Year!

Now we’re back to usual on the website front, we’ll look forward to hearing news and views from all of you whenever there is something going on.   If you can send a photograph, please include visible personnel, from left to right with forenames and surnames, so that we can all know who they are.

We hope 2016 will be a splendid golfing year for everybody...

Anyone for coaching?...

We are all used to receiving coaching from time to time but how would you feel about turning things around and approaching it from the other end?

This bit of news came to us from Jo-Jo Hamer-Philip whom many of you will remember.   She is now working as the Event Administrator for the PGAs of Europe.   She wrote to tell us that the Women’s Professional Golf Association has announced an initiative to encourage more females to become involved in the coaching side of golf as volunteers.  

Amongst many others, three female-only courses for Level 1 coaching will be run by female instructors and the interested ladies must be at least sixteen years of age. The courses are not normally free but the fee of £240 is being waived in this instance for female candidates.  Applicable dates are 9-10 April at Formby Hall Golf Club, near Southport, Lancashire, 16-17 April at Wycombe Heights Golf Club, Buckinghamshire and 7-8 May at the Bristol Golf Centre. 

 If you fancy a shot at inspiring the next generation of women and girl golfers and perhaps furthering your own future in the game and would like more information, please write to info@suffolkladiesgolf.org.uk and we’ll be pleased to oblige. Alternatively, for some background on what is involved, you could talk to either Sarah Howe, our junior organiser, or Lils James, our first team player and past County Captain, both of whom completed this course a few years ago.

Honours even in the first 2016 practice match for the County ladies…

A County first team won two matches and lost two to the Gentlemen of Aldeburgh who fielded a strong and enthusiastic side in opposition. Buffeted by a strong wind, the Aldeburgh course looked great in the sunshine and it was a cheery group of players who gathered for a pre-lunch drink in the clubhouse.  These foursomes matches against the men around the county are planned to help the ladies prepare their partnerships for the inter-county matches later on in the year. 

In match one, Vanessa Bell and Sharon Luckman faced the Aldeburgh Captain, Mike Jones, and Roger Taylor, a supremely experienced pair of golfers.  This game turned out to be closely competitive, particularly over the first nine holes.  Bell and Luckman made birdies on two and four and secured another at six.  Jones and Taylor, despite the wind, kept the ball straight down the middle and putted well.   Out in 37, against a par of 34, they nevertheless found themselves all square after nine.  The long eleventh was halved in eagle but then the men pulled ahead, seizing the available point at four up with three to play. The second match was also a tight and well-contested game. The ladies’ reigning county champion, Lottie Whyman, was paired with past Champion, Vicki Inglis.  Their opponents were two young men, Nick Ramskill and Jack Livermore, who kept their act together and ran out the winners at two up after eighteen.

Lils James and Alice Barlow combined well. An enjoyable battle against Chris Nall and Jeremy Troughton put the first point on the sheet for the ladies.  Match score:  5/3.  Bringing up the rear, the two Sarahs, Saggers and Howe, played consistently and holed out confidently against Aldeburgh's match manager, Dick Jenkinson, and Tom Huggins.  The 3/1 finish added a second point for the ladies and secured the halved match over all.  Lunch was well-earned!  

Results (ladies first):  Vanessa Bell & Sharon Luckman lost to Mike Jones & Roger Taylor 4/3;  Lottie Whyman & Vicki Inglis lost to Nick Ramskill & Jack Livermore 2dn;  Lils James & Alice Barlow bt Chris Nall & Jeremy Troughton 5/3;  Sarah Saggers & Sarah Howe bt Dick Jenkinson & Tom Huggins 3/1;  

Final Result:  SLCGA 2, Aldeburgh 2.

Julie Latimer-Jones

A wonderful birthday party...


Believe it or not, Barbara Wells, The Suffolk’s winner of the Division Four competition last year, celebrated her 90th birthday on January 18th with friends at the Golf Club who included professionals Steve Hall and Simon Byford.  If ever there was a lesson in age being no barrier to achievement, this is it.   So keep going everybody and see who else can do as well as Barbara!  We congratulate her whole-heartedly and thank you Angie Lewis (The Suffolk’s Ladies Captain) for sending the news.  We’ll include a picture as soon as we can.  

Julie Latimer-Jones

Our new President voted in…

Welcome to Miss Hermione Scrope who assumed the role of County President today.  She succeeded Ann Graves, who stepped down gracefully after a busy and very enjoyable couple of years.   Hermione Scrope has many golfing interests.  She is currently, for the third time, the Ladies Captain of Flempton Golf Club, has been the Club’s Hon. Treasurer for many years and has held the post of Hon. Treasurer for the County Association for a considerable period.   A retired chartered accountant, she is a very able and keen golfer and has represented Flempton in most of the County competitions. 

Jeanette Longman, who has been County Secretary since 2010, also retired at this meeting.  During her tenure, she organized all the County records, straightened out and rationalized the archives and tirelessly kept the website orderly and up to date.  Her workload has been impressive and much appreciated.   She is succeeded by Di Cunningham, who was warmly welcomed by the Association. 

Alongside the reports from the various divisions of the County’s golfing year, the annual trophies and awards were presented. 

Winning the Joy Winn Salver, awarded to the player with the lowest scratch scores returned over the major events and a number of monthly medals during the year, is a considerable achievement.  Abbie Symonds from Ipswich was the successful player.

The Silver Medal went to Julie Byford (Bury St Edmunds) with a nett differential of -6;  Linda Whybrow (Felixstowe) pocketed the Bronze Medal with the astounding nett differential of -12!  

Chosen by the County Captain, Vanessa Bell was a natural selection as winner of the Nigel Birrell Trophy. Her golfing year was outstanding.  She played nine out of ten matches during County Match Week and won eight of them.   ‘However competitive and close the matches became, winning or losing, she conducted herself beautifully, setting a great example.’

First team colours went to Ellie Aldous, Sarah Howe and Lottie Whyman who had a great time last year.  As County Champion, her colours were the result of three singles wins during County Match Week 2015.

 From Newton Green, Alice Barlow became Junior County Captain for 2016 and also won the  Eva Harris Shield.  During 2015, her triumphs included the Junior Championship, the Autumn Meeting and two matches during Junior County Match Week.   She also won the Newton Green Club Championship.   The Junior Improver of the Year Trophy went to Georgia Parker (Bury St Edmunds GC) who was also named as Junior 2nd Team Captain.  Junior colours went to Francesca Tindall, Fiona Stokes, Charlotte Gregory and Megan Bailey.

As a final flourish, County Captain Sarah Saggers presented Ann PSGraves with a parting gift.   She was suitably grateful, saying that she wouldn’t have missed the Presidential experience for anything.  It was a cheery end to a meeting which had lasted just an houJLJr and had accomplished much.
Julie Latimer-Jones

PS  If you sit a moment and watch the banner roll round, you'll find most of the winners' pictures somewhere there!  JLJ



Suffolk Ladies are indebted to Mr Detmar Hackman of Sabona.  Sabona has been a generous sponsor of ladies golf in the region for some years.