The 100 Club has had a bumper harvest for the coming year and two clubs have done spectacularly well in selling tickets.   50 members from Bury have taken the plunge and 21 from Cretingham, so perhaps it’s  no surprise that most of the winning numbers belonged to their members.  Rest assured, the tickets were picked by different people and were well mixed between each draw!

Because the uptake has been so good, more prizes will be awarded each quarter as you will see from the list of winners:

£100 Pam Madams (Bury St Edmunds)
£50 Melanie Lesser (Bury St Edmunds)
£25 Anne Archer (Ipswich)
£25 Megan Ellis (Cretingham)
£25 Kate Jackson (Cretingham)
£10 Maureen Pettitt (Bury St Edmunds)