Left to right – Sarah Beeton, Amanda Norman, Irma Suttle, Jo Woodward

Felixstowe Ferry have won the Haskell Trophy seven times since 2000 and, if they reprise their semi-final standard of golf in the final (October 7th), they will very likely make it eight. Such a shame that only a very few watched the wonderful display from Jo Woodward and Amanda Norman, which produced an overwhelming scoreline against Sarah Beeton and Irma Suttle (Woodbridge). These two played a perfectly acceptable steady game but, nevertheless, found themselves stranded by an eleven-hole margin at lunchtime. Jo and Amanda had completed the eighteen holes in 73 shots which included two birdies and an eagle. Amanda was beaming because she has new clubs and was finding them very rewarding. After lunch, the first hole was halved. At the second which, you might remember, requires a tee shot to the top of the valley and, in yesterday’s scenario, a 134-yard iron to the green out of rough and against the wind. Jo played a 6-iron and holed out for eagle, suitably celebrated. Hole three was halved in birdie 4, leaving Felixstowe at three under par for three holes. They won four with an up-and-down three and the fourth was conceded for the match. At 14 up with 13 left to play, the actual result hardly mattered but a very sporting Woodbridge pair were as much interested in Jo and Amanda’s good golf as they were in their own fortunes. In the other match, being played at Woodbridge, the grapevine informed us that Bungay were two up at lunch against Rookery Park. More about that…

Julie Latimer-Jones