The first GB First Aid course was held in March and a month later 14 of us are the proud recipients of our First Aid Certificates.

Chris Lynch-Bates has been the first of us to put her training to use, as she so eloquently (and with a few embellishments) describes below:

“Well, after three weeks searching the course, I still hadn’t come across a potential patient, THEN ….. while standing on the first tee ….. BLOOD!  “Don’t panic … I’m a first aider” and I proudly produced my Red Cross Card (kept in my pocket with pitch mark repairer and other essential).  I rush to my golf bag and pull out my new first aid kit.  “Stand back …. give me some room here” and I quickly ascertained the patient was breathing and hadn’t gone into trauma.   “Don’t bother with an ambulance – think I can deal with this”.  After putting the patient into the recovery position I made a makeshift sling (the patient’s bra being the only available option) and applied one of my extra long finger plasters.

The ungrateful x$x$x$x was last seen running down the fairway and leaping over the pond!”

Ladies – looks like the rest of us have some catching up to do!