After the four matches had been played, the result was all square – 2 matches having finished 1 up (cancelling each other out) and 2 matches having finished 5 up (again cancelling each other out). In the event of a tie, both Team Captains were required to nominate one of their pairs to play a sudden death play-off – probably fairly predictable, but each Captain chose their pairing who had won their match 5 up.

So, off down the first they went – Lottie Edmonds/Brenda Burtinshaw from Aldeburgh and Anne Archer/Trish West from Ipswich.  Six holes later they were still all tied!!!  On to the Seventh – where, incredibly, both pairs achieved a birdie.  However, at this point the tussle ended – due to Ipswich receiving a shot on this hole.

Having started playing at 10am, the final putt dropped at 5pm. An incredible match!

7 Extra Holes to win a match – can any team better that this year?  We wait with bated breath.

Report Courtesy of Anne Archer