Tuesday 30 August ’22
East Region Seniors Women’s League

The Suffolk Seniors headed for Wanstead Golf Club to play their league match against Essex. The day was sunny and warm but, fortunately, not the heat that we have been experiencing this summer. Wanstead, like all golf courses, has suffered from the lack of rainfall so some interesting bounces and odd lies were had but it did not detract from an enjoyable day and good golf being played. The tree-lined fairways caused problems on occasions as did the lake. Also a very friendly fox wanted to investigate some of our golf bags by the 6th green, presumably in search of food, and then wandered around the next tee generally keeping an eye on us just in case!
The matches were, as usual, very competitive but friendly and I am pleased to report that Suffolk came out on top, 41/2 to 11/2. The results are below; the matches are singles off scratch.

The Suffolk Seniors are kindly sponsored Sandlings Properties.

Pippa Neall (Woodbridge) v Julie Finegan
Lost 2/1
Vicki Hunt (Ipswich) v Kate Gadsby
Won 3/2
Lynne Barrett (Hintlesham) v Sue Ballards
Won 4/3
Helen Bray (Ipswich) v Gaye Orford
Won 1up
Rachael Goldsmith (Halesworth) v Nikki Iles
Jude Hanner (Felixstowe) v Jane Ahearn
Won 4/2